HollandIP is a digital business platform promoting Dutch innovation on a global scale. Our SmartToolBox matches and automates applications for support, funding and other instruments.

Who is HollandIP for?

Innovators need help, advice, support, funding, resources, employees, partners, designers, developers, consultants, attorneys, marketers, vendors, and so much more, to make their Innovation Project a success.

Just as innovators are looking for what they need, there are people, companies and organizations that are looking for innovative ideas, technologies, products or services. It is their business, their profession, their expertise to provide their knowhow, goods or services. Moreover, there are parties on the lookout for strategic partnerships, mergers, acquisition and licensing deals.

Dutch government and EU branches advise, guide and support SMEs and corporations regarding available incentives, subsidies and grants. Identifying relevant programs and applying for them can be complex, painstaking and time-consuming.

Our mission

Our mission is to have innovators leave obscurity, reveal and discuss their ideas and projects’ development in an easy to use, private and secure setting, in order to advance the completion of their Innovation Projects.

Our vision

Bring Dutch innovation into the open, to match innovators with 3rd parties interested in innovation projects, and to make government involvement more effective and overall better by using the power of our business platform and SmartToolBox™.

To scale up and build identical Innovation Platforms in six “smaller” countries that champion Innovation, and roll out henceforth worldwide.

Who we are…

HollandIP is a digital business platform that showcases Dutch Innovation. It enhances communications between innovators and those interested in or working on innovation in a safe and secure environment. Our SmartToolBox™simplifies the identification and application processes for Dutch government and EU incentive and financing programs.

What we do…

HollandIP matches innovators with those looking for specific innovation projects, and vice versa. Our platform not only exposes new ideas and innovation projects to the outside world, it also builds and maintains new relationships. It invites for conversations, exchange of ideas, building partnerships and working relationships. We enhance communications and simplify the application process for Dutch government and EU programs, safely and securely.

How we do it…

HollandIP is facilitating connecting knowledge with experience, expertise with experimentation, opportunities with capabilities. We help bring together connected networks to have conversations and solve issues, co-create and innovate. The method is empathy and the ability to understand others’ problems, needs, wants and points of view. We need to think beyond our current structure and listen to the people in focused, expanding networks.